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Elizabethan's New IT Systems added in for Advanced Performance


IT System ESLogoSoft - accessed and checked by our 24 hour Control Team 24/7. It already monitors staff on a minute-to-minute basis, ensuring personnel arrive on time, undertake hourly checks and perform security duties. It lets us view all the training information of our staff including client premises specific training and amalgamate this with all our client�s requirements. We've updated the software so that we can get even quicker feedback and input more data than before so this clever system means we can respond even better to any emergency and short notice needs.

Live Tagtronic Patrol System - The System has been fully tested and has now been rolled out to our client sites in London. Importantly it means we have additional capability of 24/7 monitoring of staff location and ensures client premises patrols are undertaken. Our 24 hr Control Room are notified instantly of differences from pre-programmed routes, can check, confirm and report any incidents. We can make sure our client's premises are secure.

Our capabilities mean if anything untoward has happened we can deal with it as quickly as possible and notify all parties. It effortlessly locates and views patrols and data in Real-Time. Accessible via linked web portals, eliminating lone worker risks and allowing 2 way instant mobile conversation; each hand unit is programmed to answer calls only from authorised sources thereby increasing safety and security with in-built panic alarm activation within our 24hr Control Room.

If a situation is called in and our officer is on patrol, they can be located, called back to the area and notify us immediately through the patrol devises. The best system to ensure our employees safety.

Latest Company Training News

15th December 2014

Elizabethan's comprehensive Training Programme has substantial Equality & Diversity training including Continuous Professional Development Courses (CPD) which means that all our officers have the skills base to interact in a positive manner with any person who uses and/or resides at premises be it contractors, residents or the general public whilst providing the best security service possible. The latest training modules acquired are Fire Warden CPD and Sustainability training.

Adding this to our existing training which includes advanced conflict management, customer relations and environmental training to name but a few on top of RosPa certified courses and SIA training, means our employees have the most diverse and comprehensive training in the industry. Our investment is set to continue with more CPD courses so our staff remain trained on the latest legislation and refreshed on the skills they need for service performance.

Continuous Innovative Training System

We invest heavily in a comprehensive training programme ensuring highly trained staff in security situations, completing duties to a very high standard, who remain motivated and represent the client in the best manner. It features RosPA health & safety, conflict management and customer care training as well as many other components. It is an online training facility with personal ID recognition available at any time via web based portals. The benefit to our clients is that officers have the ability to refresh their knowledge at the click of a button and levels are monitored by management.

Fully Functional Training Centre

Elizabethan has its own training facility and is the only dedicated training facility for the International Professional Security Association and provides IPSA security courses; which the company's employees attend, a benefit we pass onto our clients. We also provide access to courses in diversity etc. at no extra cost with trainers from the SIA, IPSA and the Met Police for our staff. The latest courses include FaceWatch, SO15 and counterfeit documents and MET Police Terrorism Awareness.