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We're a
Carbon Neutral Company

We are a Carbon Neutral Company. Our approach to the environment is three pronged to continuously achieve this standard. Reduce emissions, recycle all products that can be recycled and only offset the unavoidable remainder that cannot be reduced/recycled and we've been awarded a certificate of accreditation in recognition of going green without any greenwash! Performance of all security services by us will not impact our client's carbon footprint which means their green aims are supported by us. We use only green energy supply in our offices and our fleet vehicles are green too.

Investment in SOLAR PV Energy

Further to our aim in eradicating our green footprint and becoming carbon neutral, we have installed 17 Solar PV panels across the roof of our premises. The Solar panels create clean green energy, which is carbon emission free. 50% is exported back to the grid so we are also manufactures and now suppliers of green energy.

We now have cut our footprint 100% in terms of electric energy supply with a two pronged strategy; 100% green energy external supply and 100% green energy manufactured solar carbon free internal supply.

Green Vehicles

Our Mobile fleet/operational vehicles are green and produce less than 100g per km of Co2 or are alternative fuel/hybrid electric cars with a 101kg/Co2. This means we can give you a green service by producing the lowest footprint possible with any unavoidable fuel emissions offset by us.

Vehicle Tracking System

With all our fleet vehicles tracked we are improving not only the performance of our mobile services but we�ve also cut down on fuel emissions and therefore our carbon footprint once again in 2014. Indications show that tracking vehicles has saved 15% to 20% of fuel emissions in the first half of 2014 alone.

You can be sure we are committed to our green aims and have the highest level of achievement in this by being Carbon Neutral. As a client of ours, we do not impact your aims or your footprint and you can be assured of our environmental commitment.