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Mobile Patrol

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We can provide all your premises security needs including mobile patrols on offices, homes and vacant properties. This is a Carbon Neutral service provided by green vehicles under 100g per km of Co2 and/or hybrid electric cars. We can patrol your premises whenever you require and train all our team on the details of the premises they attend. Services include opening and locking down buildings with full site welfare checks including leaks and electrical maintenance checks. Check out how we do this:

>   LIVE Vehicle Tracking This allows us 24/7 checking of activities verifying attendance and performance as it happens. So you can be assured that we attend and that a fully trained mobile fleet supervisor will be sent to you at the times you want and that they know your building thoroughly.

>   24/7 Control Room and Mobile Fleet centrally located we undertake a minimum 6552 site visits per annum per staff ratio of 100. Back up is available instantly and can be deployed by our Control Room Team whatever time of day.

>   In case of an emergency, LIVE tracking means we can deploy help straightway as additional physical support because we can monitor all our mobile fleet locations immediately through this facility as it pin points the nearest available team member at all times so can assist as quickly as possible with a security presence on site.

With site locators, live traffic information and live tracking, deployment times are computed constantly. You would know where we are and when we will get there.