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CCTV Monitoring

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We provide CCTV monitoring both in-house at our own premises via Remote Monitoring systems and at dedicated CCTV Control Rooms for organisations one of whom has over 200 CCTV cameras within the south London area.

>   We also provide fully trained CCTV officers who can also monitor premises via onsite client CCTV systems and control rooms. Giving the best possible service delivery at all times. In addition to the concierge service that Elizabethan Security provides, we can also operate CCTV Control Rooms on behalf of organisations. Our training includes FaceWatch training provided by the MET to ensure we are and can effectively assist in security concerns within the premises and the wider community.

>   With comprehensive training in managing CCTV rooms and also our full security training including data protection and the latest legislation affecting the viewing of images, we can provide personnel who can complete the service properly and competently with the full confidence of our clients.