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Static Security Services

Residential and private client properties

We were asked to supply security services as an emergency provider with 3 days notice for an important cultural and historical buidling within central london. This was for a new client whom we had been recommended to for our quick and comprehensive response in all security matters.

>   The problem Due to significant security risks present with monetary collections and sensative client relations for and with the community at large, both internally and externaly we were asked to step in and provide all security cover for premises attached to the client.

>   The solution We adapted procedures for collection and provided instant security cover with highly trained officers. Personnel were given advanced conflict training at no cost. A much larger pool of officers, including Management were trained to step in and provide continuity on an emergency basis ; taking into consideration the diversity of people/sensitivity of public endeavours.

>   The conclusion Tailor-made initiatives have in the first 12 months have covered the cost of having security and meant that the client can confidently conduct their agenda with full security back-up. We understand their aims and assist them in its provision.