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Mobile Patrol Services

Residential and private client properties

Elizabethan proactively attends residential/tenant meetings as part of our ethos of communication and openness with both our clients and any parties they authorise services for. Through this process we were presented with concerns we felt should be addressed for the residents utilising one of our client’s properties in central London.

>   The problem At a centrally located private and social housing complex some of the residents felt vulnerable during some of the hours of the night time and or early evening when entering the area location.

>   The solution To address this we monitored the hours in question by establishing a mobile patrol presence and reviewed the data received. Adjustments to the existing scheduled hours of cover to better suit their needs were made without increasing security costs to our client; whereby the security concierge(s) presence was more evident for the hours considered most sensitive.

>   The conclusion The increased security and comfort derived from re-adjusting the security arrangements and the fact that not only did we listen but conduct our own survey straight away increased the satisfaction from residents with our client and the provisions they were supplying through us. As a front of house representative we are there to represent clients and mitigate concerns.